Printing at the Libraries

Printer locations

Printers managed by the library can be found on Homewood Campus in BLC near the B-Level entrance, in the Hutzler Reading Room in Gilman Hall, and in the MSE Library Annex. There are also printers available in the JHU Bloomberg Center in Washington, D.C.

Printing options

  1. If your document is on Google Drive or other cloud storage, you can print it from one of the Quick-print stations next to the Brody Learning Commons copy/print room.
  2. You can follow the mobile printing instructions to send your document by email from any device to a printer on both Homewood and DC campuses.
  3. You can install software on your Mac or Windows laptop to print wirelessly in Brody Learning Commons, MSE Library Annex, and the Hutzler Reading Room in Gilman Hall (but not in the JHU Bloomberg Center).

Types of printing

  • Black and white or color
  • Single or double-sided
  • 8.5x11” (Letter) sized paper only, pre-stocked

For other types of printing, including poster, glossy, and specialty media, visit the Digital Media Center.

Printing and copying costs

  • Printing is charged to your J-card.
  • Black-and-white page (single- or double-sided): $.07 • Color page: $.20/side
  • Scan to email is free

Adding Funds to Your J-card

Access your e-account to add money:

Mobile printing

These instructions apply to all public printers on Homewood Campus and the JHU Bloomberg Center in D.C.


  1. Connect to the “Hopkins” wireless network and send an email to
  2. Follow directions in email response: “Click to register your email address”
  3. Login with your JHED and password
  4. You'll be redirected to the Web Release Page – CLOSE THIS PAGE

Printing Instructions

Confirm that your device is on the “Hopkins” wireless network and send your document (PDF or MS Word/ Excel) as an email attachment (one attachment per email) to one of the following printing options:

In the queue displayed on the printer screen, your print job is shown with the name of the file.

Print jobs will be held in the queue for 2 hrs.

Configure a laptop for wireless printing on Windows or Mac

Before you begin:

  • Read and make a copy of these instructions.
  • Review Johns Hopkins IT use policy.
  • Close all programs except your browser.
  • Login to the Johns Hopkins secure "hopkins" network using your JHED ID and password.


Windows 8, 10, and 11 are currently supported.

Installation instructions

Note: You must have Administrator privileges on your computer.

  1. Download the installer file: MSEL_for_x64.exe (91 MB)
  2. Double click downloaded file to run it.
  3. Follow prompts to Install and Finish installation.

You installed 2 printers: "MSEL-BW on ESMPHAROPRNTP1.WIN.AD.JHU.EDU" and “MSEL-Color on ESMPHAROPRNTP1.WIN.AD.JHU.EDU”. Do NOT change the name of these printers or their settings. If you do, the printing may no longer work.

Updating the printer client
  1. Open Settings / Apps and features
  2. Select “Pharos” from the list, and uninstall
  3. Reinstall following the instructions above.


Mac OS 14 and earlier are currently supported.

Installation Instructions Note: Popup is currently not compatible with the Fast User Switching feature of Mac OS X. Always disable Fast User Switching when installing Popup on a computer.

  1. Download the file MSELMac.dmg.
  2. Double-click this file to create a new disk image in Finder. This disk contains the Popup installer, Popup.pkg.
  3. Double-click the installer to run it. You may be requested to authenticate as administrator.
  4. Click Install (or Upgrade). The installer automatically installs Popup and required support files.

You installed 2 printers - "MSEL-BW" and “MSEL-Color”. Do not change the name of these printers or their settings. If you do, the printing may no longer work

Updating the printer client
  1. Open System preferences / Printers and Scanners
  2. Select MSEL printer, click the “ – “ in left lower corner to remove
  3. Reinstall following the instructions above.

Wireless printing instructions

Begin printing as usual using your browser, word processor or other application.

  1. At the first popup window select the printer you want to use, make changes as necessary, and click OK.
  2. Enter a name for your print job in the next popup window.
  3. Retrieve your print job from any of the public printers in the MSE Library Annex, BLC, or in the Hut.

Other printing options for JHU students

Digital Media Center: