Acceptable Library Internet Use

Freedom of inquiry

The JHU Libraries are committed to the freedom of inquiry and open access to ideas and information, the foundation of any academic enterprise. The Sheridan Libraries endorse the Association for College and Research Libraries’ Intellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries, which reads in part:

"Open and unfiltered access to the Internet should be conveniently available to the academic community in a university library. Content filtering devices and content-based restrictions are a contradiction of the academic library mission to further research and learning through exposure to the broadest possible range of ideas and information. Such restrictions are a fundamental violation of intellectual freedom in academic libraries."

Avoid websites with potentially offensive images

Although the Libraries do not monitor or censor the information choices of JHU affiliated library users, the open display of some materials may create an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment for some library users. Internet users in should be aware of and respect others’ desires not to be inadvertently exposed to images they find offensive.

The Sheridan Libraries are committed to maintaining an environment which is free from all forms of harassment. The University Anti-Harassment Policy includes in its definition of sexual harassment “unwelcome sexual advances; demands/threats for sexual favors or actions; and posting, distributing, or displaying sexual pictures or objects…”.

Library security will respond to complaints concerning the viewing of offensive material by other users if the person complaining feels that exposure to such content creates a hostile environment that impedes his or her educational activities.

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