Food & Drink in the Library

Covered drinks only

Food is not permitted in the library beyond the security gates.

Food may be consumed on in the Brody Café.

The following policies apply

  • Covered drinks are permitted EXCEPT in designated areas (see below).
  • Users must avoid consuming items that create messes or disrupt others.
  • Users found to be carrying or consuming food in the library will be asked to enjoy it outside the security perimeters. Report users with disruptive food to a security guard.
  • All library users are expected to act responsibly and courteously by disposing of trash and recyclables in the bins provided, and by cleaning up spills. Cleaning supplies for small spills are available at the MSEL Service Desk. Major spills should be reported to the nearest security desk as soon as possible.

Exceptions to this policy are the areas listed below with their RESTRICTIONS:

  • No food or drink in the Special Collections Reading Room

The Sheridan Libraries food and drink policy is intended to provide an environment respectful of all users' study needs; to preserve library collections and equipment; and to maintain the overall cleanliness, longevity, and comfort of library furnishings.

Regarding Requests for a Microwave

The library is unable to provide a microwave for student use for several reasons:

  • Improper microwave use presents a fire hazard
  • The potential for additional messes and pest issues is beyond our capacity to manage
  • The Brody Café is responsible for the safety of all food handled in that space, and can not legally provide heating of non-café supplied food for students

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