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The Sheridan Libraries provides a variety of services and equipment to remove barriers for persons with disabilities. For additional information, please contact Facilities and Support Services at 410-516-8338.

(There is also a Homewood Campus accessibility map.)

MSEL - Milton S. Eisenhower Library (the older building)
BLC -- Brody Learning Commons

  • MSEL’s floors, from highest to lowest, are called Q level (for “Quadrangle”), M level (Main), and A, B, C, and D levels. Between Q and M levels is the mezzanine where the Charles Street entrance is located.
  • BLC’s floors, from highest to lowest, are called Q level (which has an entrance from the Quad that leads into the Café), M level, A level), B level, and C level. (D level is the Mechanical Room and not open to patrons.)

Emergency Services

  • Call one of the guard's desks from one of the campus phones on MSEL levels M, A, or C. (There are no campus phones in the BLC.)
  • Guard's desks phone numbers:
    MSEL M-level: 6-4814
    BLC Q-level: 6-5862
    BLC B-level: 6-5861
  • Fire alarms throughout the buildings flash for patrons who are hard of hearing
  • Patrons using wheelchairs are asked to let guards know when they are in the building so that they may be assisted during an emergency evacuation

For information about disability services at the university, please contact the Office of Student Disability Services.


Accessible Entrances

Ramped walkways and automatic doors are located at the Q-Level (which allows entrance to MSEL’s Q level and the Café), Charles Street, and main BLC entrances.

The Charles Street entrance has an elevator located in the alcove, which has stops on Q-level and M (Main) level.

Assistive Technology

On Eisenhower’s A level in the Audiovisual (AV) Center 

[Note: This section is being updated. If you have questions, please contact]

  • Viewing/Listening Station - AV has an accessible-height viewing/listening workstation
  • Lights - All areas of AV have lights that are adjustable with dimmers
  • Films - Over 4,000 AV items are closed- captioned or have English subtitles; they are all in the library’s catalog
  • Magnifier - An OPAL portable handheld video magnifier is available for use in AV, on A level
  • Text-enlarger - The Smart View Xtend text enlarger allows you to select text sizes and text/background color combinations while enlarging the text. Located in the first cubicle, on the right, behind the computers
  • Mouse - A Kensington Expert Mouse (trackball) is available for use in AV on A level

Elsewhere within Eisenhower:

  • Scanners - All copier/printers in M and C MSEL print rooms and in the BLC B Level print room can scan documents. There are also two scanners for converting a written document into an electronic file in the Data Services Library on A level.
  • ZoomText – ZoomText 10 is installed on all public PC's. The PC on Eisenhower's M Level next to the information desk also has a ZoomText large-print keyboard. ZoomText is both a magnifier and a screen reader. The screen reader requires headphones, which can be obtained from the Audiovisual Center on A level.


  • Eisenhower has Braille labels for bathrooms, evacuation signs and at entrances.
  • BLC has Braille labels for bathrooms, and rooms have raised room numbers with Braille beneath.

Computer Desks and Study Desks

  • Study desks are on Eisenhower’s M level, on both sides of the glass enclosure
  • Group Study Rooms - Wheelchair-accessible group study rooms are on C level (MSEL) next to the copy room, and include all study rooms in the BLC.
  • Computers:
    • On M-level next to the Information Desk, and in the Electronic Resource Center
    • To use seated computer workstations, ask for a login at the Circulation desk between 8am - 8pm


  • The Charles Street entrance has an elevator located in the alcove, which has stops on Q Level and M (Main) Level.
  • The main elevator goes between M- and D-levels.
  • The main elevator in the BLC goes between Q- and C-levels.

J Card/Copy Card Value Stations (“PHIL” machine)

  • BLC’s copy room (#4030) on B-level is accessible height


  • Lockers are available for patrons with special needs. Please ask at Facilities and Support Services at the north end of A-level, Monday-Friday, 8AM-4PM. 

Rest Rooms

  • Q level (both buildings)
  • M (both buildings)
  • A (Eisenhower only)
  • B (BLC only)
  • C level (both buildings)

Service Desk

  • The Service Desk on MSEL M-level is accessible


The Eisenhower Library staff is pleased to provide additional services for the research and information needs of persons with disabilities.

Whenever possible, please provide advance notice to staff to help insure that specific needs are met. You can do this by calling Facilities and Support Services at 410-516-8338.

  • Retrieving Materials - Onsite requests for stacks materials may be made at the Service Desk on M-Level
  • Document Delivery - Books and articles will be delivered to Homewood offices or sent electronically to personal computers. Please call or e-mail Interlibrary Loan (; 410-516-8910) to request service.

Telephones at Accessible Height

  • (There is no public phone in the building)
  • Campus-only phones at accessible height are on Eisenhower M-, A- and C-levels

Water Fountains at Accessible Height

  • Q, M, A, and C
  • BLC – all floors

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