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You can send your print job as an e-mail attachment from any device!

For more information, please see the JHU Mobile Print Instructions!

Before you begin

  • Read and make a copy of these instructions.   
  • Review Johns Hopkins IT use policy.
  • Close all programs except your browser; recommend disabling anti-virus, as it may interfere with installation process.
  • Login to the Johns Hopkins secure "hopkins" network using your JHED ID and password, or connect to JHU wired network.

MacOS (supported up to version 10.15 Catalina) instructions:

Popup is currently not compatible with the Fast User Switching feature of Mac OS X. Always disable Fast User Switching when installing Popup on a computer.
  • Download the file FRMac.dmg.
  • Double-click this file to create a new disk image in Finder. This disk contains the Popup installer, Popup.pkg.
  • Double-click the installer to run it. You may be requested to authenticate as administrator.
  • Click Install (or Upgrade). The installer automatically installs Popup and required support files.

You installed 2 printers: "FR-BlackWhite” for Canon black and white printing, and "FR-Color" for HP color printing.

Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 64 bit instructions:

Install the software (must have Administrator privileges)

  • Download the installer file: FR-LIB_for_x64.exe.
  • Double click downloaded file to run it.
  • Follow prompts to Install and Finish installation.

You installed 2 printers:


     - FR-Color on ESMPHAROPRNTP1.WIN.AD.JHU.EDU - for HP color printing

  • Open: Settings > Devices > Printers and Scanners > select “FR-Color…” printer, select Manage, then Printer properties.
  • In the Device Settings tab, scroll down to “Device Type: AutoDetect” (second line from the bottom), and change it to “Color”. Click Ok to save your change and close the Properties window.
  • Open Printing preferences; change Print on Both Sides to “Yes, flip over”, and Paper type to “Plain”. Click Ok to save your changes and close the Preferences window.
  • Close Settings window.

CAVEAT: Do not change the name of the printer or its settings. If you do, the printing may no longer work.

Use instructions:

  • Begin printing as usual using your browser, word processor or other application.
  • At the first popup window select the printer you want to use, adjust options as necessary, and click OK.
  • Enter a name for your print job in the next popup window.
  • Retrieve your print job. Jobs sent to "FR-Color..." printer can be only printed on color HP machine.

If you have a problem, please report it to Laptop Printing Support.

Updated 2/13/2019

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