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For more information, please see the JHU Mobile Print Instructions!


Printing from your laptop in MSE Library and BLC For Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, 32 bit and 64 bit

Note: MSE Library and Brody Learning Commons share the printing system; you print job can be picked up in either building.

(Click here for Mac OS X printing setup instructions)

Before you begin

  • Read and make a copy of these instructions.   
  • Review Johns Hopkins IT use policy.
  • Close all programs except your browser.
  • Login to the Johns Hopkins secure "hopkins" network (both wired and wireless will work) using your JHED ID and password.

Install the software (must have Administrative privileges)

  • Download the correct file for your operating system. Make a note of where the file is saved:
  • Extract files from the file that you just saved. This can often be done by right clicking on file icon, choosing “Extract All” and then selecting a location where you want to save the extracted files.
  • Open the folder with extracted files
  • Run file “EditHosts” (you may see the full file name, EditHosts.exe, if you have extensions visible). On Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, right click the file and choose "Run as administrator" from the menu.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have an anti-spyware program running, you may be asked to confirm a change to HOSTS file when you run EditHosts program. The program SILENTLY (there are no visible indications of any changes) appends a record of the Library print server in the Windows hosts file. Without the record, printing popup will fail to connect to the server, and your printing will fail with message “Failed to connect to host AIR on port 28203”.

  • Double click MSELPrinters file. (The end part of the file name will be different, depending on your version of the operating system, and whether you have extensions visible).
  • Follow prompts to Install and Finish installation.

You installed 2 printers - "MSEPrint on AIR" and “MSE Color on AIR”.

CAVEAT: Do not change the name of these printers or their settings. If you do, the printing may no longer work.

If you have a problem, please report it to Laptop Printing Support.


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